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Book series

Listed below are all the RockHistory imprint books:


This second volume of collected stories released early 2017 is available to order here and will be supplied from stock immediately

Over ten years have been spent interviewing all sorts of wonderful players across the spectrum of the British music business. So if you have an interest in the first-hand stories behind the music, then this is the book for you. It contains many of the backroom people talking candidly about their work with musicians as well as various musicians themselves reflecting on their careers, their numerous successes and triumphs, plus the occasional minor mistake that they may admit to.

Following on from the well received ‘Over, Under, Sideways, Down’,  this second volume of stories and anecdotes casts further light on the likes of Queen, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens, Dire Straits and the Stone Roses whilst also telling tales about huge industry characters like Bryan Morrison, Andrew Loog Oldham and the self-styled godfather Don Arden.

You can learn what Morrissey did that helped break Five Star, how Chris Blackwell founded Island Records or how Gary Numan helped establish the label where Adele has prospered, how the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ video broke new ground and budgets, and maybe even learn something new about legendary producer Joe Meek.

It captures the hectic spirit of Rock’n’Roll’s early days – MOJO

Irresistible and quietly compelling tales from long ago – RECORD COLLECTOR (****)

Anecdotes, insights and revelations from the long gone heyday of the British music biz  – SHINDIG

This book collects stories from the great and the good – BEAT MAGAZINE

This is a fun book to read that lifts the lid on the music industry of the 1960s and 1970s – MAKING TIME

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  Norman Jopling was employed as a tea boy by Record Mirror in the early Sixties and worked his way up to write about all the great groups of the era in this publication. He gave the Rolling Stones their first review, interviewed The Beatles on the set of ‘Help’ as well as interviewing a list of stars longer than your arm, Cilla, Sandie, Lulu, Dusty – and that is just the women. He interviewed blokes as well, starting with an on the bed encounter with Little Richard from which he has just about recovered.

R&B was his big love so he started the regular columns like ‘Fallen Idols’ and the ‘Great Unknowns’ that became essential reading for all  young fans. Then there were the essential R&B charts from America that he pioneered to spread the word about all this magnificent music.

In this book Norman recounts it all, how the music of this era spread around the world and his part in it all.

Norman Jopling was fortunate to have been writing about pop music for a living during its golden age, interviewing everyone from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Marc Bolan and Fleetwood Mac. His hugely enjoyable Shake It Up Baby (RockHistory.co.uk  £12.99) is a year by year guide to the years 1961 to 1972, featuring interviews, reviews, letters, photos and lists – lots of lists.

I used to say that the best books on the 60’s were written before 1970. Norman Jopling’s SHAKE IT UP BABY! breaks that thought. He writes about the 60’s pop boom as if he were still there – and he takes us back there. A triumph of time-travel ! (Andrew Oldham)

Detailed and illuminating memoir of his decade at the pop-press coal face… (The Oldie)

It’s every music fan’s dream book. (Choice Magazine)

Fascinating, funny and gloriously evocative account…easily the best music book to hit the shelves in an age…as passionate as it is erudite, this is required reading for any wannabe writer (Record Collector *****)

Hip new journalistic memoir from Pop’s golden age…voluminous, anecdote-rich account of his extraordinary decade at the forefront of pop journalism (Mojo****)


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Rock History Cover 1000 pixels  The underbelly of the last fifty years of the British music scene is laid bare by people who were there, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Elton John, Queen, etc., all have fascinating parts of their stories being told here for the very first time from the hilarious to the salacious, the unlikely, the downright ridiculous, and the near-slanderous.

Included are numerous musicians, songwriters, managers, agents, pluggers, record company executives, DJs, roadies, music publishers, producers, engineers, journalists and entrepreneurs alike.

Over a forty year period, Rye has worked for several record companies with artists as diverse as the Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd and Ian Dury, he has been an artist manager and a music publisher and so has enjoyed unique access to many big music stars.

For the past ten years Rye has been filming and recording the life stories of the participants in the spectacular rise and the subsequent decline of the British music scene, from Skiffle, The Beatles, Beat groups, Rock groups and Singer Songwriters, marking the social history of a cultural explosion that changed Britain forever.

Taking the title of an old Yardbirds song, this book views the British music scene from above, from below and from all sides, it makes for a compelling read, and at last you can hear, first hand, some of Rock Music’s eternal myths and facts either confirmed or quashed, by the people who were actually there when they happened.

“Simply one of the funniest books I have ever read. It’s like spending an evening down the best pub in the world!” (Joss Hutton ‘Ugly Things Magazine’)

“Brilliant anecdotes from music industry insiders that had me laughing out loud” (Graham Jones author of ‘Last Shop Standing’)

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The Missing Charts Book is what the movie business would call a ‘Prequel’. These ‘Missing Charts’ are the holy grail to thousands of chart surveyors, music historians and record collectors, as for the first time ever we have collated the actual record sales week by week from 1940 onwards to produce the definitive chart of the era’s biggest hits. It is now over sixty years since the UK’s first singles chart was created by New Musical Express publisher Percy Dickins in 1952, at last we have the chance to go back further into the musical tastes of this music obsessed country and see what were the war-time favourites, who had the most number ones, what were the most covered songs all in one historic book. It is a treasure trove of fascinating information and is published in conjunction with the Official Charts Company. 3d Chart book cover



In 2017 we are now SOLD OUT

300 Page First Edition Hardback
12 Plus Years Of Weekly Top 30 Charts
A-Z By Artist – Hits Chronologically
A-Z By Song Title Index
#1s The Biggest Hits
Hit Songs With The Most Hit Versions.