What is Rock History?

Rock History is a social and music history storytelling project by Mark Rye, devoted to collecting the stories and anecdotes about all those fabulous British bands and the business, from the birth of Skiffle and Rock’n’Roll through to the 1990s.

See our 3 most watched videos, or check out the snippets from our stories and interviews were shared on our Youtube channel, and you can see the full interview list here, or read through Stories from the archive here.

Sadly Mark Rye passed away in 2018 and his family are now exploring ways to make the full archive accessible to all, a fitting legacy to this important project which Mark spent the last 10 years of his life pursuing. If you have ideas about how we can share this archive with the world, get in touch.

Are you wondering who came up in those stories? Watch this video for a quick run down!