A Picture Of You – Great British Record Labels: Piccadilly


As the next stage in Pye’s expansion programme in April 1961, they launched the evocative black and red Piccadilly label, with its yellow logo, having initially been conceived as an outlet for third party licensing. However, although Piccadilly would in time go on to register big hits and build a reputation for their vast, quirky array of artists and repertoire, they got off to a surprisingly slow start. But over the ensuing months Piccadilly’s output gradually picked up, their releases covering a variety of musical genres among a plethora of mainstream Pop hopefuls. Joe Brown finally cracked it big in the Summer of ’62 with the chart-topping ‘A Picture Of You’, written by two of his Bruvvers, John Beveridge and Pete Oakman, when it reached No.1 in every published chart.


CD1: JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS – A Picture Of You: THE CHARIOTS – Song Of A Broken Heart : PAT READER – Cha-Cha On The Moon : JACKIE LYNTON – Don’t Take Away Your Love : EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES – The Rains Came : CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS – So Much In Love: BUDDY BRITTEN & THE REGENTS – Long Gone Baby : BEN RICHMOND – Blue Bird : DAVY JONES – Jezebel : EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES – Gypsy Love : SIMONE JACKSON – Pop Pop Pop-Pie: DANNY STORM – Honest I Do: CUDDLY DUDLEY – Ferryboat Ride: JOHNNY KEATING & THE Z MEN – Ya Ya: THE DELAINE SISTERS – It Might As Well Rain Until September: THE KESTRELS – Wolverton Mountain: GARY JONES – It’s Over: THE CHECKMATES – Rockin’ Minstrel: THE FLEE-REKKERS – Miller Like Wow: CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS – Here’s Hopin’: CANDY SPARLING – Can You Keep A Secret: DAVID MARTIN – Why Have You Treated Me This Way: DAVID MACBETH – Roses Are Red (My Love): RONNIE HALL – She’s Mine: EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES – Half Of My Heart: DONNA DOUGLAS – Tammy Tell Me True: THE PICCADILLY STRINGS – Theme From Sir Francis Drake: DICK JORDAN – Fortune Teller: AL SAXON – There I’ve Said It Again: VINCE HILL – The River’s Run Dry: JOYCE BLAIR & OLIVER REED – Baby It’s Cold Outside: BRYAN TAYLOR – The Donkey’s Tale: JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS – A Lay-About’s Lament: THE DAVE CLARK FIVE Featuring MIKE SMITH – That’s What I Said: CD2: THE CHARIOTS – Problem Girl: EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES – Hush, Somebody’s Calling My Name: DAVY JONES – Don’t Come Crying To Me: DAVID MARTIN – Cinderella Romeo: DANNY STORM – I Just Can’t Fool My Heart: DONNA DOUGLAS – Memory Lane : JACKIE LYNTON – All Of Me: JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS – The Other Side Of Town : JOHNNY KEATING – Theme From Z-Cars: THE LES REED BRASS – Theme From The Saint: CANDY SPARLING – When’s He Gonna Kiss Me: CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS – Poor Joe: THE KESTRELS – Love Me With All Your Heart: EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES – Vaya Con Dios: JIM DALE – My Resistance Is Low: RONNIE HALL – The Code Of Love: THE DELAINE SISTERS – Puppet On A String: THE COUNTRYMEN – I Know Where I’m Going: THE CHECKMATES – Pompeii: JOE BROWN – Crazy Mixed Up Kid : BRYAN TAYLOR – Let It Snow On Christmas Day: JACKIE LYNTON – Over The Rainbow: PENNY – Who Does He Think He Is: THE FLEE-REKKERS – Twistin’ The Chestnuts: VINCE HILL – Just As Long As (You Belong To Me): DICK JORDAN – Some Of These Days: CLEO LAINE – Something’s Gotta Give: OLIVER REED – Sometimes: AL SAXON – Evil Eye: PAT READER – May Your Heart Stay Young Forever: CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS – Back On The Scene: THE DAVE CLARK FIVE Featuring MIKE SMITH – I Knew It All The Time: BUDDY BRITTEN & THE REGENTS – My Pride, My Joy : JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS – It Only Took A Minute.