Telstars, Mexicans, Manhunts & Wonderful Lands – The UK Instro Scene 2 1956-1962


Layout 1This second set of predominantly twangy and/or keyboards-driven toons concentrates largely on 1962, with just a couple of hands full of goodies left over from 1960/61 which were omitted from Vol.1 due to lack of space. Ultimately, there are far too many artists included here to discuss them all. The Dave Clark Five, Tony Hatch and Barry Gray would go on to become major players in the 60s, while conversely, groups like The Barons, The Phantoms, The Echoes, The Jesters and The Dukes were sadly all destined to languish in obscurity, their legacies restricted to just one or two great tracks.  CLICK SLEEVE TO BUY