Tag: British Music History

  • The tape is rolling

    Another good interview in the can¬†this time with Phill Brown who started as a Tape Op at Olympic Studios learning to record the extraordinary¬†bands that passed through those fabled walls before moving, via Canada, to the new Island Records studio in Basing Street where he made his mark and then beyond to the world of […]

  • from Sounds journalist to managing those groups

    Had a most enjoyable catch up today with one-time Sounds journalist John Ingham who championed the Sex Pistols right from the start and so is a prime candidate for our forthcoming book and documentary. Well it has been more than a few years since we met and the memories were being royally fired up on […]

  • Gloria Bristow found that music publishing was quite fixed

    There was a era when music publishing was a cosy cartel and of course many of the deals that were made in the Sixties still apply today. Gloria became an exponent of fairer deals for the musicians.