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  • James Moyes knew Alexis, Davy and Cyril

    A lovely evening was spent recently with James (and his daughter) with him recounting tales of Davy Graham for the ongoing film ‘The Man With The Guitar’ – hey can you believe we are nearly finished now? Well the director think we are and then another head pops up. James moved in that small circle […]

  • The Davy Graham documentary moves forward

    . We have been doing more filming recently and while outside Davy’s old flat in Camden, all sort of people saw us and stopped for a chat, telling us stories and memories of the man. This is Brian who lives next door with one of the photos he took of Davy all of which he […]

  • Rock is the name

    Ibiza in a day was the brief as we headed off to film Neil Rock for the ongoing Davy Graham documentary. Neil was Davy’s busking mate in the early days and they went all over Europe so it is not surprising that Neil lives on this Spanish island. So lots more fascinating facts about the golden […]