For them as can read

Now that we have our first three double CDs available (click on the CD series tab), we are racing on with a new book version compiled from the last eight years of interviews, to be published in the New Year. Exciting but scary at the same time.

In fact we will have not one, but two new books coming out, as Steve is working (hard) on a book of the Missing British Charts from 1940 to 1952. Based exclusively on record sales rather than sheet music sales, it has been compiled over the decades from the sales sheets that the late Colin Brown collected.

At the time he persuaded all the major wholesalers and labels of the day. What a man, but what on earth possessed him to do this we now know – who sold the most records, who had the most #1 hits, what were the most popular songs?

However in true anorak style it has taken decades to complete and publish, but it can be yours in 2013.