Editing again

Back into a period of editing again at the moment, but this time it is book editing as I am working on the next volume from the interviews following up on having published the first volume as ‘Over, Under, Sideways, Down’.

This is all at the same time as trying to marshal all the interviewees who talked about the Sex Pistols and align them into a further book. Having worked on the band when I was gainfully employed at EMI Records it has always been one of those topics I covered with people who were there themselves and so it seems an absolute natural to explore. OK we only released the first single at EMI but it was an interesting, if brief period of music to be working at a record company. Then after A&M they then went to Virgin Records where I knew a lot of people and so I felt I sort of stayed in the loop a bit. It may have been a long time ago but the memories from people are still quite vivid.

So the second volume from the interviews should make autumn 2016 if all goes well and is planned to cover the many interviews that have been done after ‘OUSD’ was first published. Any suggested song titles to use as book title gratefully received as always. You can send them via the ‘contact’ page. Right – now back to editing.