Interviewing Chris Spedding

We have had the pleasure of interviewing one of the great guitarists of this country recently, Chris Spedding. The purpose was twofold as we had questions about his years in Pete Brown’s Battered Ornaments for the film we are making about Pete Brown, then secondly we have embarked on a programme about the Session players and of course Pete became very well established after Jimmy Page left the scene to start his own rock group. Actually make that three reasons to be cheerful as we are also collecting stories for the wider Harvest Records documentary, make that four then as we are also working on a Sex Pistols documentary. So watch out for a snippet to appear here soon.

An excellent interviewee Chris was in good form, very chatty and is out there still gigging so make sure you go and see him. Attached for your complete pleasure is an Adrian Boot photo of Chris when playing in Roy Harper’s Trigger.

Roy Harper & Trigger