Interviews at the Beeb

Been enjoying life at the BBC again where I actually got my first proper job many, many decades ago now. This time it has been just over the road from where I used to work opposite Broadcasting House, my how everything around there has changed. What was my office is now a hotel again and Broadcasting House has expanded and got more chrome and glass.

Well I have been doing regional radio interviews for the new book in their continuity suites with the various DJs asking the questions for a change instead of me. In the ‘olden days’ you used to have to drive around the country to visit each radio station in turn, now you just sit in a little box and talk away to DJs in various parts of the country. I have to say I am really enjoying it so far, lots more today. I hope you catch one or two of them – and if you are new to this site having heard one of the interviews please say hello via the ‘contact us’ page as it is always nice to know someone is listening out there.