On the inside looking out

This week saw the publication of this new volume of stories from the RockHistory archives – ‘Inside Looking Out’ is named so accurately after The Animals hit of 1966. It is now available worldwide in book and kindle form for those of you who have not been tempted yet – so now you really have no excuse, it is really easy to get and a fun read. We made a point of adding stories from lots of people who are not in volume one which is called ‘Over Under Sideways Down’. The list of participants is great: Adrian Kerridge; Alan Fitter; Alex Brown; Allan James; Arthur Sharp; Big Jim Sullivan; Bill Leader; Bob Fisher; Bob Harris; Bob Henritt; Bob Mercer; Bob Solly; Brian Berg; Bridget St. John; Bryan Morrison; Charlie Gillett; Charlie Watkins; Chas Hodges; Chris Barber; Chris Briggs; Chris Peers; Chris Spedding; Chris Thomas; Clive Selwood; Dave Ambrose; Dave Cooper; David Arden; David Howells; David Munns; David Shrimpton; David Stark; David Stopps; Del Roll; Derek Green; Derek Nicol; Diana Matheou; Doug Smith; Eric Hall; Frank Brunger; Frankie Leigh; Fred D’albert; Geoff Frost; Ginger Baker; Gloria Bristow; Jack Bruce; Jeff Dexter; Jeff Jarrett; John Bagnall; John Cooper; John Gaydon; John Ingham; John Knowles; John Leckie; John Reed; John Schroeder; Jon Hiseman; Jonathan King; Karl Dallas; Larry Page; Lester Smith; LG Wood; Marcel Stellman; Mark Rye; Martin Mills; Martin Nelson; Max Hole; Mervyn Conn; Mick Eve; Mick Underwood; Mike Appleton; Mike Berry; Mike Hurst; Mike Thorne; Molly Duncan; Muff Winwood; Neil Christian; Nick Mobbs; Nick Simper; Nigel Grainge; Norman Beaker; Norman Jopling; Paul King; Peter Jenner; Peter Reichardt; Peter Vernon; Peter Whitehead; Phil Clift; Phill Brown; Richard Brown; Richard Evans; Richard Jones; Rob Davis; Robin Black; Rod Duncombe; Rupert Perry; Simon Draper; Steve Jenkins; Stuart Epps; Stuart Watson; Terry Slater; Tony Hall; Tony Hiller; Tony McGrogan; Tony Wadsworth; Victor Brox.

There are many participants as you can see, some have sadly left us for the great gig in the sky, but all these people live on in print with their wonderful stories. They all have great memories about their experiences of the British music scene over the last Fifty years, We hope you enjoy the read as they bring it all to life