On The Road tales

There is a new mini E-book coming soon. This one will have tales of life on the road back in the day and the experiences of the musicians as well as the poor crew who saw the world from back stage or a a van which they slept in too. This one that did not make it is from ex-roadie Sid Chase talking about life with a west London Sixties RnB group called the Hellraisers dashing about the country and the odd assortment of gigs that they used to get booked into:

We played Kensington Town Hall for the young liberals which was quite frightening as I think it was the biggest crowd I ever stood in front of setting up the PA and all the rest of the equipment. It was more daunting as we really did not fit in with their crowd at all, they would have been better off with a gramophone record. We went on, started playing and this bloke walked up to me, Are you in charge? Yes. Well can you turn it down, there are people at the back trying to hold a conversation and they cannot hear what they are talking about. Right, so I went onto the stage and the lads all looked at me but I lowered all the Vox amps down a bit. They were massive amps then with valves that needed two of you to lift them.

A couple of songs later and this bloke is back again, Still too loud can you turn it down! Not really! Well I insist you turn it down! So I went on stage and went through the motions of appearing to do something to each amp. Ten minutes later he was back again and he had brought someone with him. I said, Really you should not have booked an RnB group you should have booked someone with a record player, I am sorry PISS OFF.

He said you cannot say piss off, do you know who this is? I said, I don’t care who it is, PISS OFF. He said, this is Jeremy Thorpe.

I said I don’t care if it is the King of England, PISS OFF. Politics did not mean a thing to me then aged 23 or 24 but it seemed I had told the leader of the Liberal Party to piss off.