The British Hit Singles 1940-1952

British Hit singlesFor several years now Steve here has been working on this extra-ordinary project, to get the work of the late Colin Brown into print and now we are nearly there. Long time manager, producer and music compiler,  Colin Brown collected sales figures at the time from all the major record companies as he had become obsessed with wanting to know what the best selling 78s were then. Utter madness as no chart of British record sales existed then, it is so long ago! Well after many failed attempts this historic data has finally been extrapolated, topped and tailed and we are soon to release our first book in conjunction with the Official Charts Company here in the UK. This book will show you the Top Thirty sales week by week and will also give you Number Ones and the most popular artists of the period. Now for the first time you are going to be able to go back a further twelve years and get a glimpse of British musical tastes during the war and after. This is a uniquely historic music document about the musical tastes of this country.

So watch out for more details, they will follow as soon as we have our final publication date.