the guitar pickin’ interview


Just back from interviewing the hugely knowledgeable musician, Stefan Grossman for the ongoing film about Davy Graham. Stefan met him when he came over in 1967 as a young American avoiding the draft although Davy’s reputation had preceded him. In fact of course Stefan met all the British greats of the time: Eric Clapton, John Renbourn, Roy Harper, Bert Jansch, Ralph McTell

His background as one of the Blues Record Collecting mafia in NY City in the Sixties makes for compelling listening. How they managed to locate and unearth legends that had disappeared like Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Skip James and Mississippi Fred McDowell and bring them back to people’s attention. There is a whole programme there in that story alone. Fascinating

Stefan was charming and erudite so the interview went on past his lunch time, sorry about that. Watch out for a wee clip coming here sometimes soon. Meanwhile here are the legs of our director Stephen Gammond on display to the entire world whilst filming in shorts.