the lovely but late Kevin Ayers talks about Jimi and more

We have had to re-edit the clip we did of the Kevin Ayers interview as we used some of the Peter Whitehead footage of Jimi Hendrix and somebody else now claims to own it. Peter’s story was wonderful, Chas Chandler said turn up at the Saville Theatre I have this great new guitarist and when he plays a number called ‘Hey Joe’ could you film it for me. Peter missed the introduction and only cottoned on part way though. Kevin on the other hand toured with Jimi when in the Soft Machine and had very fond memories of him as a musician, but claims here that Jimi was a) obliged to perform certain moves on stage every night and b) was fleeced by Chas Chandler and Mike Jefferies the two men who were his manager. You can make up your own mind right now.