The Mic Man is listening

2016.07.03 Lester Smith-3


It was a trip to Abbey Road Studios today as it is now known – once it was just EMI Studios and before that it was HMV Studios, I blame those Beatle chappies for the joys of trying to get across the road on ‘that’ crossing without being run over by frustrated drivers trying to avoid the selfie brigade. Lots of happy tourists snapping all around make this the 15th best known ‘brand’ in the world now apparently, well there is a thought, and they even have a shop next door now. Anyhow today’s trip was to talk with Lester Smith who became Abbey Road Studio’s unique microphone man. You name it and he knows it, and the differences between microphones according to such experts are extraordinary, how long have you got?. Well when you consider that the one in the photo is worth £15,000 now you will start to get my drift. Watch this space for some insights into recording with full Orchestras, Beatles, Floyds et al