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  • Bridget enjoys the saintly world of John Peel

    Bridget St. John made a rapid transition from University to singer/songwriter thanks in part to the help of the hugely influential British DJ John Peel and his label Dandelion Records who released her three albums and took her on shows around the country – often along with a young duo called Tyrannosaurus Rex run by a young singer by […]

  • It’s touring time

    This week’s interview was with Richard Ames who worked as the long suffering Tour Manager to many famous musicians. This is the person who got summoned by the hotel manager at three in the morning to complain that the band was still partying loudly, and in the morning was presented with the invoice for the all damage. A life of […]

  • Top record producer talks music

    A great interview today with one of the UK’s exceptional record producers. From the Beatle ‘White’ album through a fabulous c.v. that includes Roxy Music, Pulp, The Pretenders and nevermind those Sex Pistols. Actually we were filming Chris for our forthcoming Pistols programme due next year for the 40th anniversary of their first single. But we […]

  • from Joe Meek to turning Orange

    Here is a man who started  recording with Joe Meek as a Millionaire and then moved into second hand musical equipment before founding his own company. Their equipment was everywhere and highly distinctive – well Orange in fact, and here you can learn how it happened

  • the lovely but late Kevin Ayers talks about Jimi and more

    We have had to re-edit the clip we did of the Kevin Ayers interview as we used some of the Peter Whitehead footage of Jimi Hendrix and somebody else now claims to own it. Peter’s story was wonderful, Chas Chandler said turn up at the Saville Theatre I have this great new guitarist and when […]

  • how do you start a Virgin?

    Simon Draper is Richard Branson’s second cousin and came over to London taking a summer job in the new mail order company. The second part of his story unfolds here

  • Les Cousins folk club was the best London gig to play

    In the Sixties there was a Folk Club in Greek Street where everybody wanted to play. It became the epicentre of the music world, it is where Paul Simon heard Scarborough Fair and claimed it as his own, Donovan did a big press piece about it, Sandy Jenny, Davy Gram, Bert Jansch the list of musicians is […]

  • Hot off the press

    On our run up to Manchester last weekend we managed to pop in en route and film an interview with Gloria Bristow. As a teenager she lied about her age to get a job at Philips Records in the early Sixties, doing press for the label before branching out with her own PR company. By […]

  • Louder than Words

    Just been up in Manchester for the Louder Than Words literary festival with Norman Jopling who we filmed in conversation with Mick Middles as one of the featured talks. In the audience was author Simon A Morrison who bought his own copy of Shake It Up Baby! which Norman was happy to sign for him.

  • That’ll Be The Day – Five Dozen Dodgy British Cover Versions

    When deejay Kenny Everett started playing random dodgy oldies on Capital Radio back in 1977, in search of “The worst record ever made”, he struck a nerve. Every week he’d get a sack of mail from listeners, nominating increasingly bigger stinkers, and the whole shebang quickly mushroomed, taking on a life of its own. The […]

  • Chicago Calling – the roots of the British Blues & R&B boom

    Received wisdom would have us believe that British Blues began in 1962, when Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies opened the celebrated Ealing Club. But things are never quite as straightforward as “received wisdom” would have us think and the roots of British R&B/Blues do, of course, go back a decade earlier. Moreover, although the opening […]

  • Don Craine recalls the roots of Sixties British music

    Don Craine has been around the roots of British popular music for quite a while now – starting his group around the time of the Pretty Things and the Stones in the early Sixties by forming the Sect and/or the Downliners Sect. He has an awful lot of time for the role that Chris Barber and […]