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  • 10 Tales – On The Road

    10 Tales – On The Road

    The first in a series of short books is now available for your Kindle. 10 tales of life On The Road from Chris Barber through to David Bowie. All taken from the RockHistory interviews with more to follow on different themes and aspects of their British Music experiences.    

  • Woodstock – a disaster

    Woodstock – a disaster

    Here is another Woodstock anniversary quote from the ‘Inside Looking Out’ book, given to us by Clive Selwood a long time record company man who was by now running Elektra Records in the UK and having great success with records like Judy Collins ‘Amazing Grace’, Love ‘Forever Changes’ and The Doors ‘Light My Fire’. He…

  • Woodstock – some went and some missed it

    Woodstock – some went and some missed it

    To celebrate the Woodstock festival anniversary, here is a wonderful quote from Muff Winwood, ex the Spencer Davis Group bass player and brother of Stevie who was by now working for Island Records. This quote is from the RockHistory book: ‘Inside Looking Out’ book While I was still at Island, I was taking Joe Cocker…

  • On The Road tales

    On The Road tales

    There is a new mini E-book coming soon. This one will have tales of life on the road back in the day and the experiences of the musicians as well as the poor crew who saw the world from back stage or a a van which they slept in too. This one that did not…

  • Willie Morgan describes what it was like to take records to Radio One

    Willie Morgan describes what it was like to take records to Radio One

    In the Seventies the biggest promotion any record could get was being played on Radio One, so the record companies employed callow young youths to go bang on the doors of the BBC producers to try and get them to play their priority records.

  • From Branson to Vicious

    From Branson to Vicious

    Last week we had the pleasure of a trip to the coast and a long chat with Sue Steward recounting her years with various madmen (and women). For many years she worked with Richard Branson in the early years of Virgin Records as it grew from a student newspaper into a indie record label. Then…

  • The Davy Graham documentary moves forward

    The Davy Graham documentary moves forward

    . We have been doing more filming recently and while outside Davy’s old flat in Camden, all sort of people saw us and stopped for a chat, telling us stories and memories of the man. This is Brian who lives next door with one of the photos he took of Davy all of which he…

  • Kingston-on-Thames shows off their musical history

    Kingston-on-Thames shows off their musical history

    For those of you interested in the musical history of the Kingston-on-Thames area, there is a new exhibition just opened at the local Rose Theatre. Supported by the Lottery Fund it collects together local history testimony covering the role of the American GIs based in nearby Bushey Park during WWII and their taste in ‘race’…

  • Nigel Grainge RIP

    Nigel Grainge RIP

    A hugely respected record company A&R man who signed Thin Lizzy and the Steve Miller Band to Phonogram and then went on the found Ensign Records with the likes of Sinead O’Connor and the Boomtown Rats. He was filmed about three years ago at his home in Santa Monica and the conversation and memories ranged…

  • Roy Tempest and BBC Records

    Roy Tempest and BBC Records

    I have been irritated today by the continued ease with which inaccurate articles appear on the internet and then become deemed to be actual fact. This week for example an article appeared on the august and mighty BBC website written about BBC Records and how wacky it was in the day. This was a company I used…

  • Artists on the road

    Artists on the road

    All that hanging around in hotel rooms could be very tiring

  • Caldwell Smythe launches Colonel Barefoot’s Rock Garden

    The old hotel had fallen by the wayside but when Colonel Barefoot’s Rock Garden sprang back to life on the Eel Pie island, it was to showcase so many brilliant rock groups